Happy National Junk Food Day! Is your favorite junk food also New York's favorite?

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Tuesday is National Junk Food Day. In honor of National Junk Food Day career site, Zippia figured out the most popular junk food from each state.

Zippia researched 45 different snacks and analyzed Google Trends to compile its list.

According to Zippia, the major findings were:

  • Sweet wins over salty: 29 states’ favorite snack is sweet.
  • 5 States selected Oreos as its favorite.
  • All the “itos” chips (Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos) made the map.
  • Butterfingers, Hi-Chews, MMs’s, Reese’s, and Twizzlers didn't make the list
  •  Both North Dakota and Wyoming’s favorite treats are sunflower seeds.

Chips Ahoy was named New York's favorite snack. New Jersey went with Oreo.

Below is each states favorite junk food, according to Zippia

  • Alabama: Ruffles
  • Alaska: Granola bars
  • Arizona: Cheez Its
  • Arkansas: Doritos
  • California: Cheetos
  • Colorado: Cosmic Brownies
  • Connecticut: Oreos
  • Delaware: Fritos
  • Florida: Mini Doughnuts
  • Georgia: Lays chips
  • Hawaii: Oreo
  • Idaho: Cliff Bars
  • Illinois: Skinny Pop
  • Indiana: Pringles
  • Iowa: Pringles
  • Kansas: Nutter Butter
  • Kentucky: Fritos
  • Louisiana: PayDay
  • Maine: Ritz Crackers
  • Maryland: Oreos
  • Massachusetts: Crunch Bar
  • Michigan: Sour Patch Kids
  • Minnesota: Snickers
  • Mississippi: Twinkie
  • Missouri: Grandma’s Cookies
  • Montana: Rice Krispy Treats
  • Nebraska: Fritos
  • Nevada: Kit Kat
  • New Hampshire: Almond Joy
  • New Jersey: Oreo
  • New Mexico: Beef Jerky
  • New York: Chips Ahoy
  • North Carolina: Starburst
  • North Dakota: Sunflower seeds
  • Ohio: Starburst
  • Oklahoma: Sour Patch Kids
  • Oregon: Kettle chips
  • Pennsylvania: Hershey’s
  • Rhode Island: Ritz Crackers
  • South Carolina: Salt And Vinegar Chips
  • South Dakota: Milky Way
  • Tennessee: Baby Ruth
  • Texas: Funyuns
  • Utah: 3 Musketeers
  • Vermont: Muffins
  • Virginia: Oreos
  • Washington: Cheez Its
  • West Virginia: Lays
  • Wisconsin: Twix
  • Wyoming: Sunflower seeds

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