A New York woman is getting viral fame for taking a plunge into the Hudson River.

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On Friday, Donna Paysepar, a 20-year-old from Long Island, posted a video to TikTok of her jumping into the Hudson River near Statue of Liberty.

"Swimming with lady liberty," she captioned the video.

The video quickly went viral. As of this writing, the video has been liked over 336,500 times with over 29,000 comments. Many of the comments were concerned for the woman's safety.

"This is a death sentence," one person commented on Twitter, according to the New York Post. “I kno she had chemical burns after that," another person tweeted.

The jump had some worried about her safety due to the potential chemicals in the river, while other left some mean comments, she said.

"A lot of people are being very mean, saying 'I hope she dies from that water' and like just sending me death threats," she told ABC.

She told ABC she did get some of the water from the Hudson River in her mouth and was shocked by how bad the water tasted. However, she wants all to know she feels fine and will visit her doctor for her annual checkup soon.

“I’m fine guys 😊💜 thank you for your concern, I will be attending my annual check up soon! #learn #hudsonriver," Paysepar responded on social media according to the New York Post.

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