Some top New York lawmakers are "proud" of this new tax plan but some Hudson Valley lawmakers call it an "insult to families."

The MTA is expected to unveil the final details of its Congestion Pricing Plan Thursday afternoon but many key details have been leaked.

Gov. Cuomo Confirms Congestion Pricing Plan

New York Governor Cuomo Holds Briefing In New York
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In March 2021, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed that President Joe Biden gave the green light for state lawmakers to advance congestion pricing for New York City.

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"Congestion pricing is an internationally proven method to reduce traffic congestion, enhance the availability and reliability of public transportation, and improve our air quality, and it will play a critical role as New York and the nation begin to recover from the pandemic and build back stronger and better than before. This advancement is also another step forward in generating the $15 billion the state needs to fund the MTA's five-year $51.5 billion capital plan, which will transform the accessibility, reliability and convenience of the system for users of all ages and abilities," Cuomo said.

The plan will make it more expensive to travel to New York City.

Environmental Study On Congestion Pricing Plan

Incoming NY Governor Kathy Hochul Gives First Press Conference After Cuomo's Resignation
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Earlier this year, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the Federal Highway Administration completed the environmental review of New York's "first-in-the-nation congestion pricing program."

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"The assessment finds that across the 28-county area studied in the environmental review, of those who commute to work in Manhattan's Central Business District (CBD), only 11% drive and 85% use public transportation. By reducing congestion and creating revenue for public transportation, the program will benefit millions of people every day. Through a package of mitigation measures, the program will also improve air quality in environmental justice communities," Hochul's office stated.

Congestion Pricing Details Must Be Worked Out But Hudson Valley Drivers May Have to Pay New York Another Crazy Tax

Hochul "Proud" Of Plan

In July 2023, Gov. Hochul said she was proud of the plan.

"Congestion pricing will reduce traffic in our crowded downtown, improve air quality and provide critical resources to the MTA." Hochul said. "I am proud of the thorough Environmental Assessment process we conducted, including responding to thousands of comments from community members from across the region. With the green light from the federal government, we look forward to moving ahead with the implementation of this program."

Details Of Congestion Pricing Plan In New York Leaked

New York City Explores Congestion Pricing Options To Ease Traffic Snarls
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The MTA will make its plan official on Thursday but key details of the plan have been leaked, according to ABC.

Drivers coming into New York City below 60th Street should get ready to pay an extra $15 between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Driving at night, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. will save commutes 75 percent.

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Truck drivers may have to fork out an additional $36. Taxis will be taxed an additional $1.25 per fare, while Uber and Lyft will be charged an extra $2.50 per ride.

Discount Price If Crossing Some Crossings

NYC First Major City To Attempt To Cap Number Of Ride-Hailing Services
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Passenger Vehicles will get $5 off if drivers cross into New York City by way of the Holland, Lincoln, Queens, and Battery tunnels.

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Leaked Plan Omits George Washington Bridge

However, the plan notably omits the George Washington Bridge. That means drivers who enter Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge will have to pay $15 to drive past 60th Street.

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EZ-Pass drivers pay $12.75 to cross the GW Bridge during off-peak hours and $14.75 during peak hours. It costs $17 for tolls by mail.

Hudson Valley Official Against New Plan

Rockland County Executive Ed Day is calling the MTA's congestion pricing plan an "insult" to families.

Rockland County.Gov
Rockland County.Gov


"It is an insult to families who are already struggling to keep up with high gas prices and record-breaking inflation that Governor Kathy Hochul moved this plan forward," Day said in a statement. "You are forcing these residents - which include cops, firefighters, and others – to pay more simply for using their own vehicle to avoid being stranded by the current inadequate transit system."

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