You may not have heard so I wanted to be sure I shared the news that there is a great murder mystery movie now available on Netflix that was filmed at West Point with the help of some Cadet Alumni.

The Pale Blue Eye is a fictional murder mystery that unfolds at the United States Military Academy during the time when Edgar Allan Poe was a Cadet which was 1830. Christian Bale plays the detective who talks Poe played by Harry Melling into helping him solve the case.

Netflix Releases a Murder Mystery set at West Point during the Time of Edgar Allan Poe


The West Point Associates of Graduates shared a lot of the inside scoop about making the movie in a link they posted to their social media. Basically, they break down the involvement of two West Point Graduates from the class of 1993 (Michael Mazzocco and John Nawoichyk) and their input on keeping the movie true to the Academy. Everything from uniforms to weaponry, apparently they even put together a two-day boot camp to get the actors ready.

Classmates Michael Mazzocco ’93 and John Nawoichyk ’93 worked alongside director Scott Cooper, the crew and the cast as technical advisors and military historians. Their main goals were “ensuring the realism and authenticity of [their] West Point experience translated to the movie screen (Michael Mazzocco by the West Point Association of Graduates Multimedia Team)


The Pale Blue Eye: A Fictional West Point New York Murder Mystery

The result is a Netflix thriller set on the banks of the Hudson River at the United States Military Academy at West Point. The Pale Blue Eye is a military film, a murder mystery, and also appears to be a great period piece thriller. Just watching the trailer gives me the shivers and it's not because it is all set in the snow.

It is so fun to have so many film projects being worked on in our area. I didn't even know this one was being made. Had I known I probably would have been stalking the set. I am a huge West Point Fan. My Dad was part of the class of 1961 and my family lived at West Point in the early 70s. West Point's Gothic architecture is the perfect setting for a murder mystery.

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