A host of Hudson Valley officers were recently injured by inmates, two were allegedly bitten while others had feces thrown at them.

Two officers were injured at Wallkill Correctional Facility when an inmate attacked them while they were conducting a search for contraband on Feb. 19 around 11:15 a.m., according to the NYSCOPBA.

The officers were conducting a search in one of the housing units when they alleged noticed an inmate with a green leafy

The officers ordered the inmate to turn over the contraband. When he refused, he suddenly attacked the lead officer, punching him in the face several times and later bit both officers, officials say.

The inmate, 28-years-old, is serving a seven year sentence after being convicted in Orange County for attempted burglary in 2013. He was transferred to Sullivan Correctional Facility.

Additional officers arrived on the scene and assisted in getting the inmate under control and into mechanical restraints, according to a press release.

According to the NYSCOPBA, both officers sustained injuries in the attack and were taken to an outside medical facility for treatment. One was treated for bruising and swelling to his face. He was also bitten on the arm, which broke the skin. The second officer sustained a bite to the back and a minor knee injury. A third officer sustained minor injuries restraining the inmate.

A week earlier, two officers allegledy had feces thrown on them by an inmate at Sullivan Correctional Facility.

A officer was conducting security rounds when he was hit in the face, chest and legs with feces that was thrown by an inmate from his cell, officials say.

Police allege minutes later, a second officer was struck with feces thrown by the same inmate. A third officer sustained a minor hand injury while trying to gain control of the inmate inside his cell.

The inmate, a 38-year-old, is serving 25 years to life after being convicted in Bronx County in 2000 for murder.

The two officers who had feces thrown on them were treated my medical staff for exposure.

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