A man hacked into a number of important U.S. military and government websites including a terrorism website at West Point.

On Tuesday, Billy R. Anderson, 41, of Californa pleaded guilty to two felony counts of computer fraud for obtaining unauthorized access to and committing defacements of the websites for the Combating Terrorism Center at the United States Military Academy in West Point and the Office of the New York City Comptroller.

Anderson confessed he used his specialized computer skills and knowledge to hack important U.S. military and government websites, as well as over 11,000 other websites around the world.

On July 10, 2015, a website owned by the NYC Comptroller was defaced by Anderson. The contents of the NYC Comptroller website were modified to display the text “Hacked by AlfabetoVirtual,” “#FREEPALESTINE” and “#FREEGAZA.”

Anderson faces up to 10 years in prison for each felony count when sentenced.

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