Firefighters from the Hudson Valley made a daring rescue after a woman drove into a creek and her car get swept away by the raging current.

On Friday, just before 1 p.m., the Washingtonville Fire Department responded to Tuthill Road in the Town of Blooming Grove for a report of a car in the Cromline Creek.

A woman lost control of her car on the slick rain covered two-lane road and for an unknown reason her car drove into the rain-swollen creek and got swept away in the raging current, a source tells Hudson Valley Post.

The woman was able to get out of her car, which was nearly completely covered in water, and sit on her car's roof. Other drivers noticed her on top of the car and called 911.

The woman was the only person in her car and wasn't hurt, Washingtonville Fire Chief Gary Hearn told Mark Leib of Rockland Video.

After close to an hour, firefighters used one of their engine ladders, extended it and placed it over the creek and woman. They then lowered the makeshift harness and raised the unnamed woman from Blooming Grove to safety.

You can see video of the rescue below.

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