A legendary New York steakhouse with a recent "C" health grade was caught posting a much higher grade.

In a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David and a group of his friends were disgusted when the health inspector changed a restaurant's health grade from an A to a C grade as David and his friends ate inside the restaurant.

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Later in the season 12 episode, David spots the eatery's owner changing the sign back to an A-grade.

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Apparently, art limits life.

C-Grade Given To Gallaghers Steakhouse


Gallaghers Steakhouse received a C-grade during its most recent health inspection.

The iconic New York State steakhouse racked up 56 health violation points.

Inspectors report “filth flies,” a sewage disposal system "in disrepair" and "inadequate" personal cleanliness.

Iconic New York State Steakhouse Accused Of Changing Health Grade


However, according to several reports, as of this weekend, an A-grade was displayed outside Gallaghers.

That "A" health inspection grade has a date on it. The date reads "May 6, 2019," according to photos from Eater and the New York Post.

Gallaghers Steakhouse Statement


A spokesperson for the steakhouse said they believed the C-grade was pending until a reinspection.

"We were of the understanding that there’d be a follow-up with a reinspection within 30 to 60 days before that rating was instated. “That was over a year ago and we have still not been reinspected,” the spokesperson said. “We apologize if there was a misunderstanding or any confusion."

New York City Health Department: Grade Not Pending

The New York City Health Department says the restaurant will be reinspected shortly but adds until the next yearly inspection the C-grade is final and not pending.

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