A man who robbed an Ulster County bank says he wished he did more to control his drug addiction before it got out of control.

On Tuesday in Ulster County Court, 30-year-old Ryan J. O'Connor of Hannacroix was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison as a result of his guilty plea to robbery.

On Jan. 18, Kingston police arrested O'Connor for robbery after police responded to Key Bank on Wall Street in Kingston for a report of a robbery.

During his sentencing, O’Connor apologized for his actions and said he wished he had done more to address his drug addiction before it got so out of control, according to the Ulster County District Attorney's Office. He also stated that he was not blaming his drug addiction for his actions because there are many drug addicts who do not rob banks.

O’Connor is also accused of robbing a Trustco Bank in Slingerlands on Jan. 6.

After O’Connor was arrested in Kingston, Bethlehem police worked with Kingston police to investigate similar robberies in the Capital Region.

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