A Hudson Valley school district is considering banning homework, a move that has received national attention. Christopher DeLeon and Nikolas Keeley, fifth-graders at Farley Elementary School in Stony Point, started the idea this past Fall.

"I get stressed out a lot when I do it,” Christopher told USA Today. “I would literally cry. Math worksheets are usually what break me down.”

Chris and Nikolas then started a petition to stop homework being assigned at their school. The pair collected over 150 signatures from other students who also felt they had too much homework and not enough help.

“Some people, their parents aren’t home to help them with their homework,” Nikolas said to CBS.

The petition was then sent to the North Rockland Central School District's superintendent's office, which prompted officials to review homework policies.

“It’s not about banning homework. It’s about looking at it differently and how are we going to do it better,” North Rockland Assistant School Superintendent Kris Felicello told CBS.

Not only did the petition cause the student's school district to consider it, but it's part of a growing trend across the country, NBC reports.

Because studies have shown homework at the elementary school level can do more harm than good, school districts across the country have been experimenting with eliminating homework or drastically reducing it, according to NBC.

The North Rockland Central School District plans to continue looking into reducing or eliminating homework, with hopes of having new guidelines in place by the 2019-2020 school year.

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