One Hudson Valley artist is not 'The Stranger' anymore because of the 'Piano Man'.

Everyone and I mean everyone knows who singer Billy Joel is, especially around New York. Joel has had iconic hits like, 'Piano Man', 'We Didn't Start the Fire', 'Uptown Girl', 'New York State of Mind' and many more.

I've mostly known him for when he was married to the beautiful supermodel Christie Brinkley and his daughter appeared on 'The Real' Housewives of New Jersey', but that's just me....

Billy Joel recently celebrated a HUGE MILESTONE and performed his 100th consecutive performance at Madison Square Garden. Joel has sold out Madison Square Garden more than any other artist and this show was special because it was the first time a concert of his was going to air on a broadcast network.

Let's forget about the drama that went along with it...CBS aired the special again for everyone so no hard feelings.

The 100th: Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden -The Greatest Run of All Time is a co-production of Sony Music Entertainment and Enliven Entertainment and it aired on Sunday, April 14th. Sounds pretty fancy and it seems like a lot went into the special making it pretty great.

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People of all ages love Billy Joel and I know a few people who watched the CBS special and said it was incredible. They couldn't stop talking about it all week and it just confirmed what a powerhouse Billy Joel is and still is.

I looked on Instagram the other day and I recently found out there was a special Hudson Valley connection to the CBS Billy Joel special.

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How was the Hudson Valley connected to the CBS Billy Joel special?

Now this had to be an awesome career moment.

East Fishkill artist (Yes someone in East Fishkill), Jason Mitcham's animation artwork was featured in the opening of the CBS Billy Joel special. Congrats Jason, it's really amazing to see a local artist do something huge and get recognized for their work and craft.

Also, it really doesn't get much bigger than Billy Joel so having that connection is pretty incredible.

Again, huge congrats to Jason and we hope he has more amazing opportunities in the future. Don't forget about us here in the Hudson Valley.

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