A man imprisoned in the Hudson Valley is accused of attacking several officers at a local hospital.

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On Friday, the NYSCOPBA announced several officers were injured after an inmate who was being transported to Wyoming County attacked them at a local hospital.

The incident happened on Feb. 5, the day the inmate was scheduled to be paroled. The inmate, a 28-year-old man, was being transported to Wyoming to face an outstanding warrant. During the transport, the inmate complained of chest pains and the officers stopped at a hospital in Sullivan County to have the inmate evaluated.

After the inmate was cleared to be released, the inmate became combative when officers went to apply a waist chain around the inmate for transport, officials say.

The inmate allegedly spit multiple times in the face of two officers, kicked an officer in the face, attempted to kick, punch and head butt officers and bit two officers on the hand,

The officers were ordered to return the inmate to Green Haven Correctional Facility. Once back at the facility, he continued to be combative, spitting at officers, officials say.

Two officers were treated at local hospitals for exposure and bite wounds on the hand.

“This incident not only put staff at risk, but hospital staff as well. The inmate, who became highly agitated when he learned he was being transported to Wyoming County to face warrant charges rather than be released on parole, violently attacked officers who were simply attempting to get him medical attention. Just another example of how dangerous this profession is and how it can escalate in an instant,” NYSCOPBA Mid-Region Region Vice President Michael Mazzella said.

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