In a story fit for T.V., a local sheriff admitted that he defamed a former county prosecutor, the son of Judge Judy.

On Tuesday, Adam Levy, the former district attorney of Putnam County and son of Judge Judy, won $150,000 and received an apology from Putnam County Sheriff Don Smith in a settlement of his defamation

In 2013, Don Smith issued press releases that said Levy protected his personal trainer and friend, Alexandru Hossu who was accused of raping a child. Hossu was acquitted in 2014.

Two press releases, approved by Smith, claimed Hossu lived at Levy’s home and Levy was loyal to Hossu over law enforcement objectives.

“Today, I retract these releases unequivocally and apologize,” Smith said in a statement Tuesday. “Hossu did not then reside at your home. He was arrested at another location where he then lived. I know that you did not interfere with the investigation of Mr. Hossu. Nor is there any evidence that you had any knowledge of Mr. Hossu’s immigration status or were intentionally harboring an illegal alien.”

Levy said the releases led to a barrage of false and misleading stories that affected his unsuccessful bid for reelection in 2015.

Putnam County taxpayers will pay $125,000 of the $150,000 settlement, according to Levy, reports the Daily News.

Judge Judy issued her own statement after her son was vindicated.

"The lesson to be learned for the people of every county in this country, including Putnam, is that they must insist on integrity and honesty in their elected officials," she said.

Hossu has filed a $45 million lawsuit against Putnam County, the case is ongoing, according to TMZ.

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