A threat forced a school in the Hudson Valley to be placed in a Hold-in-Place, one day after a school shooting in Texas.

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Police rushed to Kingston High School on Thursday after a threat was made by a student Thursday afternoon, officials say.


The student made a threat during the sixth period on Thursday. Officials did not release details about the threat.

As a precaution, the high school was placed in a Hold-in-Place and police performed a search of the building.

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The district would later post on their website that the threat was determined to be "unsubstantiated."


The full message from the district is below:

"Kingston High School was under a Hold-in-Place this afternoon as a safety precaution due to an unverified threat. The threat made by a student has been thoroughly investigated and is unsubstantiated. All KHS students were held in their 6th-period classes for safety while SROs, Security Personnel and KHS administration performed a search of the building."

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