You won't believe where two naked men allegedly seen near a Hudson Valley school really were.

Recently, the Kingston Police Department received a report of two men running around naked in a Kingston school zone. The person who reported the two naked men even provided police with a picture, which you can see HERE. Don't worry, the Kingston Police Department edited the photo in a comical way.

Police thought it was strange that there was only one report of men streaking near schools. Following an investigation, police did learn the incident occurring in Kingston, just not in the Hudson Valley.

"A little investigation revealed that the incident occurred in Kingston – not New York but Canada. We kindly let the person know that they had contacted the wrong Kingston Police Department," the Kingston Police Department wrote on Facebook.

There is a Kingston in Ontario. The Canadian Kingston police use the name "Kingston Police" on Facebook. The Kingston Police Department in the Hudson Valley goes by "Kingston Police Department" on their Facebook page, so it's easy to see how the caller made a mistake.

The report was given to the Kingston Police Department via Facebook Messanger. The person acknowledged the error and police believe the person later contacted the correct police department.

"Moral of the story – Don’t run around naked – no one wants to see you naked and there are cameras everywhere," the Kingston New York Police Department wrote.

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