A Hudson Valley woman who was found dead in her husband's car served him divorce papers just days prior.

Audrey Grogan filed for divorce against her husband, George Grogan, just days before her body was found dead in a car near the Bear Mountain Bridge, according to Dutchess County court documents.

On Friday, police confirmed Grogan was the woman found dead in a parked car at Bear Mountain State Park on Sept. 28 as police searched for Grogan's husband.

Police started looking for the Poughkeepsie couple late last month after their son told police that his father admitted to killing her.

A manhunt lasted days as police looked for George Grogan. Police also confirmed on Friday the body found in a wooded area last Thursday east of Bear Mountain Bridge is 59-year-old George Grogan.

A funeral was held for Audrey Grogan on Sunday.

Police have not released their causes of death.

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