The nice surprise arrived ahead of Evelyn Ann Reiss Rubin's 100 birthday.

Evelyn Ann Reiss Rubin has lived an interesting life, and the current Hyde Park, NY resident turns 100 this week.

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A young Evelyn Ann Reiss.
A young Evelyn Ann Reiss

Born in NYC (mother had her at 46) on 7/24/23) to her Jewish parents. Youngest of 4 children. (Only one in her immediate family born in the U.S. Other siblings and parents born in Ukraine.) She lived in Brooklyn before moving up to Utica after her sister got TB. She was the first in the family to graduate from high school, she eventually moved back to Brooklyn. She was nicknamed Honey from her Hebrew name Chana Riva. She was named after her grandmother also named Chana Riva. She was also nicknamed Little Klutz as well. She enjoyed going to the movies with her mother every Saturday for 5 cents.


With husband Edward Rubin
With husband Edward Rubin

Evelyn Ann Reiss married Edward Rubin on January 11, 1948 (75th anniversary this year). Edward passed away in 1976, one year before any of his grandkids were born.


Evelyn's first job was at bakery where her starting salary was $7 a week (she stated that she ate all the prophets LOL) . She worked must of her life as a manual bookkeeper. (No computers, just good ol' pencil and paper.)

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Other Fun Facts and Stories

-As a kid, she was George Washington in the Utica July 4th Parade.

-She once skipped school to see Frank Sinatra in concert. She admitted this at 95 (would not admit if her mother would have found out.)

-Her brother Allen took her to Brooklyn Dodgers games to see her favorites such as Pee Wee Reiss and Jackie Robinson. Tickets were like 25 cents each.

-Grew up a diehard Brooklyn Dodgers fan. When they left Los Angeles (like all Brooklyn Dodgers fans) is still not over it. She became a NY Yankees fan because there were no other New York Teams around at the time (NY Mets came to Queens about 7 years later.) She lived about 10 minutes from Shea Stadium or 2 stops on the 7 line.

-Governor Hugh Carey (NY Governor in the late 70s /early 80s) used to come into get his suits from the place she worked. As each of her grandkids were born (3 of them), she would ask for an autograph. He had no problem doing that except the one time she walked in as they were taking measurements for his suit and his pants were down. He laughed and  said, "as soon as my pants are up I will sign for you Evelyn."

-She once got arrested for Jay Walking (didn't realize she had done it).

-Took one trip to Russia with her husband (who was from there) and only learned two words (cake and ice cream). Two things she still loves today and can't go without.

-Was President of the Sisterhood (Jewish organization through the Israel Center of a Hillcrest Manor in Queens, NY.)

-A Mahjong Maven (sort of a professional of the game). She played with her friends for decades (30 to 40 years) 3 times a week for $1.25 a game.

-Loves Santa Clause (although she is Jewish).

Evelyn Ann Reiss Rubin and Family
Evelyn Ann Reiss Rubin and Family

Birthday Card from the President

Michael A. McCoy, Getty Images
Michael A. McCoy, Getty Images

Among the many birthday gifts that Evelyn Ann Reiss Rubin received, leading up to her 100th birthday this week included a birthday card from Joe and Jill Biden. "It is an honor to wish you a happy 100th birthday. You are part of a generation that helped define the best of who we are as Americans" they wrote. They went on to say that "As those who love you celebrate all that you mean to them, let us add our best wishes for all that you mean to our Nation." Signed Joe and Jill Biden.

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Evelyn also received gift packages and letter from the NY Mets and NY Yankees. We'd also like to extend a very happy 100th birthday to Evelyn from everyone here at Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley!

* A big thank you to Eric Rassin for his contributions to this article on his grandmother  including all facts, stories and photos.

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