A Hudson Valley doctor is accused of discharging a number of very sick patients, one who died after sitting up from his chair.

Denny J. Pacheco of New Paltz, who previously worked in Poughkeepsie, was charged by the New York State Office of Professional and Medical Conduct with committing professional misconduct.

The former Vassar Brothers Medical Center doctor is accused of discharging five severely-ill patients, according to a hearing notice the Times Union obtained.

Officials from Vassar disciplined Pacheco after reviewing three patient cases between 2012 and 2014.

Pacheco allegedly sent home a 7-month-old with a fever and severe respiratory illness as well as a 22-year-old in desperate need of gallbladder surgery, officials say.

In the other case, Pacheco discharged a 50-year-old Poughkeepsie man despite an irregular EKG reading. The man went to the hospital in 2014 complaining of heart attack symptoms. After Pacheco discharged him, the man stood up and suffered a fatal heart attack, according to the hearing notice.

Pacheco could lose his license if the allegations are determined to be true. A hearing was scheduled for November 2018. It's unclear what happened at the private hearing.

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