A Hudson Valley alligator selfie business ended up biting the man running the tourist attraction.

Over Columbus Day weekend, in a creative attempt to make money, a local reptile exhibitor allegedly took one of his alligators to the Bear Mountain Overlook and began charging tourists to take photos with the gator.

After the alligator began to attract a large crowd, the reptile exhibitor is accused of charging tourist $5 to hold the leash of the gator for pictures.

Some skeptical onlookers soon called New York State Police. But, the man and his alligator left before officers arrived. The case was then turned over to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

ECO Dustin Dainack soon tracked the man down to a nearby warehouse. The warehouse contained two alligators, multiple snakes, lizards and turtles, officials say.

Officials inspected the warehouse and found that the animals were well cared for. It was also learned that the unnamed man did, at one time, have a special permit to possess and exhibit the reptiles. However, all of the permits were expired, according to the DEC.

The reptile exhibitor was issued a summons for the possession of wild animals without a permit and a warning for allowing public contact for the alligator stunt.

In related news following shots fired, and a neighbor hearing, “Make sure it’s dead,” a local man was ticketed for killing a bear that was roaming in his backyard.

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