Following shots fired, and a neighbor hearing, “Make sure it’s dead,” a man was ticketed for killing a bear that was roaming in his backyard.

(Warning graphic photo below)

After 11 p.m. on Oct. 11, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Officer Joshua Sulkey received a call about shots fired in a residential area in Ulster County.

The caller mentioned the shot scared him and he overheard someone say, "Make sure it's dead," officials say.

ECO Sulkey met Shandaken Police on scene. A dead black bear was found in the back yard of a Shandaken home.

While interviewing the alleged shooter, it was revealed that the bear was shot out of fear. The shooter told authorities that he had enough time to go from the side of the house, to his vehicle to get a rifle, then walk to the back of the house and shoot the bear, officials say.

Police noticed trash scattered throughout the backyard. ECO Sulkey advised the shooter that he would continue to have a bear problem if he didn't clean up the trash.

The unidentified man was issued several tickets for shooting the bear illegally and for discharging a weapon within 500 feet of homes.

New York State DEC
New York State DEC

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