A man hiking in the Hudson Valley fell off a cliff on the Escarpment Trail.

On Sunday, a married couple were hiking on the Escarpment Trail back to their vehicle at the North Lake parking area in North-South Lake Campground in the Town of Catskills.

The husband, who was a little further along, stopped on the trail near a cliff edge to wait for his wife to rejoin him.

As the woman walked towards him, she saw her husband lose his balance and fall backwards off the cliff, officials say.

According to the DEC, the man fell about 10 feet, landing on his head and back.

The injured man was found about a quarter-mile in on the Escarpment Trail. He was then packaged in a litter and carried out to an awaiting medical transport helicopter at the North Lake trailhead and flown to Albany Medical Center Hospital for further medical care.

His condition hasn’t been updated.

According to CNY hiking, the Escarpment Trail is a challenging hike over changing scenery with mixed forests and quick flowing creeks.

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