Life-saving efforts by local police saved a Hudson Valley man's life after he was crushed when his car slipped off a jack.

On Tuesday around 5 p.m., New Windsor police responded to a home on Coutant Lane for a report of a man who was pinned underneath a vehicle.

Arriving police found the man's torso and legs sticking out from under the car. Three officers lifted the car off the man, while another officer pulled him out.

The man, identified as 23-year-old Justin Muller of Newburgh, was conscious and alert. He told officers he was working under a Nissan Juke when the floor jack slipped causing it to drop on top of his chest. A witness also told police he was working on the car with Muller when the jack slipped and the vehicle fell.

Muller was trying to fix and replace the control arm on his car after driving through Lake Drive south in Newburgh and hitting a manhole which broke the control arm, according to Muller's mother.

Muller was later airlifted to Westchester Medical Center with four broken ribs, facial fractures and a collapsed lung. He's listed in stable condition, police say.

On Facebook, Muller's mother thanked the police for saving her son's life.

"Just wanted to take this moment to thank the Town of New Windsor Police Department for helping save our son’s life yesterday afternoon, Christine Vega said. "Because of your immediate response and extraordinary effort you and a few more good officers manually lifted the car and got him out. With the help of New Windsor Paramedics they were able to decompress his collapsed lung and then transfer him to a helicopter for transport to Westchester Medical hospital for immediate care. By the grace of God ,the New Windsor Police Department, and New Windsor Paramedics Justin is alive, banged up pretty bad with 4 broken ribs, a facial fracture and air around the lung but he is alive. We his parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles and his entire family thank you for all you did to keep our son here with us. A million times thank you for all you did, all you have done and all you continue to do. May God Bless you all today and everyday."

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