The federal government is demanding lots of money back from New York State residents following a costly mistake.

Molinaro to Social Security Administration: Stop Prosecuting Seniors for Your Mistakes

New York Congressman Marc Molinaro is trying to stop the Social Security Administration from collecting money from seniors because of mistakes made by the agency.

Todd Bender for Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Todd Bender for Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

"In 2021, the SSA made over $2 billion in overpayments to Social Security recipients. When the SSA discovers an overpayment, they send notices to recipients demanding their money back. This has happened to numerous residents in New York’s 19th Congressional District, who have reached out to Rep. Molinaro’s office for assistance. In some cases, the SSA is requesting back thousands of dollars that were paid out over several years," Molinaro's office stated.

The former Dutchess County Executive is trying to stop the Social Security Administration (SSA) from "aggressively prosecuting seniors for mistakes made by the SSA."

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Molinaro: The Social Security Administration Has Overpaid Billions of Dollars to Seniors. Now They Are Demanding Their Money Back

Dutchess County
Dutchess County

The Hudson Valley congressman believes New York seniors shouldn't have to pay the money back due to the mistake made by the federal government.

"The Social Security Administration screwed up, and now they’re demanding that seniors pay for the administration’s mistakes. Social Security serves as the primary source of income for thousands of recipients in Upstate New York," Molinaro said. "Most victims will have no way of ever paying Social Security back. The Social Security Administration needs to stop aggressive prosecutions of seniors and focus on fixing their systems.

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In a letter to Dr. Kilolo Kijakazi, the Acting Commissioner of the SSA, Rep. Molinaro called on the agency to immediately stop seeking back overpayments and take steps to update its system to prevent future failures.

YouTube, Dutchess County
Dutchess County

CLICK HERE to see Molinaro's full letter to the SSA Acting Commissioner.

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