Orange and Rockland County just declared emergency states of emergency due to the possibility of migrants being bussed Upstate from New York City. Are other counties on the list? One Dutchess County legislator has made his stance very clear.
According to Fox 5, over 60,000 immigrants arrived in New York City since this time last year. The city is expecting to get roughly 1,000 new immigrants a day once Title 42 expires. Almost 400 male immigrants were going to be sent to a Hotel in Rockland County. The counties have announced massive fines for hotels to house them.
This was a form of COVID restriction that allowed government officials to remove immigrants who entered America unlawfully. It has been both praised and criticized by many but it is just days away from ending.
Will Truitt, Majority Leader of the Dutchess County Legislature and representative of Hyde Park and Poughkeepsie made a the following statement on social media.
"I will be crystal clear: Dutchess County’s Republican Majority will NOT accept nor condone any attempts by the Mayor of NYC to re-locate any number of illegal migrants to our communities here in Dutchess County.
The very premise of these individuals being within our nation’s borders speaks to the failures of the Biden Administration and the pathetically weak national security measures they take to secure the land our men and women in uniform serve to defend.
Rather than reward those who enter our country illegally by providing them with housing & jobs, while risking the safety of our very own American public, we must be strong and consistent in our messaging and actions: If you wish to live in these United States of America, you must enter our borders LEGALLY. Should Mayor Eric Adams dare to send any buses or modes of transport our way in Dutchess County, we will be fully prepared to ensure they are turned back around."
-Dutchess County Majority Leader Will Truitt — in Dutchess County, New York.

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