Four hunters, including one who was drunk, are accused of illegally killing deer in multiple Hudson Valley locations.

During the morning of Nov. 17, the opening day of the Southern Zone big game season, the DEC and New York State Police, conducted a check of a property with several known baited tree stands in Sullivan County.

Two hunters were found in the stands and the officers escorted the hunters back to their camp, police say.

One of the hunters smelled strongly of alcohol and appeared to lack coordination, according to the DEC.

State police performed field sobriety tests and the hunter allegedly registering a .15 percent blood alcohol content level on a preliminary breath test.

The officers determined the hunter had also shot a seven-point buck the previous weekend from the baited property with his crossbow, police say.

That hunter was charged with hunting while intoxicated and his hunting license was immediately seized for suspension. He was also charged with two counts of hunting deer with the aid of bait and illegally taking protected wildlife. The other hunter was charged with hunting deer with the aid of bait.

On Nov. 17, in Ulster County, a DEC officer noticed a truck stopped in the middle of the road next to a field filled with several deer, including a buck.

The truck drove off, turned onto another road and stopped in the middle of that road.

The officer pulled over the truck and the driver said he and his son were looking at the deer in the fields as they drove home to pick up their ATV to drag out a buck they just shot at another location, according to the DEC.

The hunters produced their tags but their regular season buck tags were allegedly not filled out.

In the field, officers found the deer the hunters were looking for, an 8-point buck. Also found in the area was corn, which was allegedly used as bait.

The dad was issued tickets for hunting over bait, failing to tag deer as required and illegal taking of deer.

The deer was seized for donation.

On Nov. 7, the DEC contacted the Sullivan County Sheriff's Department and asked to help with a case under investigation.

The deputies were called to an address in Rock Hill for a trespassing complaint, where they believed the responsible party illegally killed a deer with a crossbow.

By the time the DEC arrived at the scene, the deputies had the person responsible in custody for trespassing.

An eight-point buck, shot with a crossbow, was found dead in a neighbor's yard, police say.

The officers determined that the hunter didn't possess the proper licenses to hunt in the early crossbow season and did not have permission to discharge a crossbow within 250 feet of the complainant's dwelling.

The hunter was charged with criminal trespassing, ECL violations and the deer was seized as evidence.

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