A number of off-duty police officers and their families have been getting harassaed at home.

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On Tuesday, Ulster County District Attorney David J. Clegg held a press conference to address recent incidents of harassment and targeting of off-duty police officers and their families.

“There have been four incidents of off-duty police and their families being targeted, surveilled, and on one occasion, victimized by criminal mischief. These incidents remain under investigation,” Clegg said. “My office’s number one priority is keeping our community safe. This requires a strong, positive relationship between the police and the citizenry. We must work together to build critical bonds of community trust through reforms, transparency, and a shared commitment to justice, fairness, and safety.”

Last week, Town of Lloyd Chief of Police James Janso said there have been several incidents of disturbing behavior at off-duty officers' homes in Lloyd and around Ulster County.

Clegg was joined by over a dozen high-ranking representatives from local law enforcement agencies at the steps of the Ulster County Courthouse. He announced anyone attempting to intimidate off-duty police and their families by means of harassment, stalking, criminal mischief, threats, or violence will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

“In Ulster County we are collaboratively reimagining ways to improve policing and our criminal justice system. Our law enforcement leaders have been unanimously supportive and open to positive change. Sadly, in these tumultuous times, off-duty police officers and their families have been targeted in our county. Such conduct will not be tolerated. Every citizen has the right to legally redress police misconduct if it occurs. However, no one has the right to stalk an off-duty police officer or their families. Innocent local police officers have become scapegoats of the broader anger. We are better than that here in Ulster County," Clegg said.

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