This could bring more jobs and clean energy into the state.

In his 2021 State of of the State Address, Governor Cuomo talked about his plans for increasing jobs and clean energy manufacturing in the state. Something he has stressed on is the slogan "Reimagine, Rebuild, and Renew".

According to the governor, he has proposals that would help create an offshore wind program and this could make New York  "a global wind energy powerhouse". This idea would also create more jobs for people in the state and specifically, Cuomo predicts that it could create more 50,000 of them.

"Green energy is a pressing moral imperative and a prime economic opportunity. New York can and will be the nation's leader for renewable energy innovation and production, all while securing jobs of the future for New Yorkers. Our entire green energy program will create a total 12,400 megawatts of green energy to power 6 million homes, directly create more than 50,000 jobs, and spur $29 billion in private investment all across the state."

More specifically, Cuomo said would work with Equinor Wind US LLC and reportedly develop these wind farms off of the shore of Long Island. Once these are completed they would produce 2,490 megawatts of carbon free energy and bring in a $8.9 million dollar investment for the state.

There is also a plan to make a green energy superhighway that would be 250 miles. This would help maximize the use of renewable energy and reportedly have the state not rely as much on fossil fuels that can potentially cause pollution. This would be a $2 billion dollar project for the state to complete. More information. from the governor is expected to come out all week.

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