Thousands and thousands of crows are ready to invade the Hudson Valley.

We learned why this will happen very soon.

Crows Will Soon Flock To Dutchess County, New York


Late in the fall, 10,000 or more crows head to Poughkeepsie for the largest roost in hundreds of miles, according to Scenic Hudson.

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Why Do Crows Choose Poughkeepsie, New York

Why 10,000 Crows Invade Poughkeepsie, New York

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Over 10,000 crows is certainly a lot of crows, but officials note roosts in the Midwest can feature millions of crows!

Central New York Also Experiences Large Crow Roost

Officials with the Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club note that around 25,000 crows roost in Auburn on Owasco Lake and other places in Central New York.

Song Made About Poughkeepsie Crows


The crow roost in Poughkeepsie is so popular, that a song was even recently made about it!

Steve Bohn, the founding member of Song Supply Co, sent us an email with the band's song "Crows Over Poughkeepsie." Give it a listen.

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Incredible Video Of Crow Roost In Poughkeepsie

Winter Crow Roost/YouTube
Winter Crow Roost/YouTube

The YouTube page "Winter Crow Roost" recently uploaded a video of a recent crow roost in Poughkeepsie.


In this video, crows began meeting between South Hamilton Street and Route 9. The birds eventually settled on trees on both sides of Route 9, behind the Water Club complex.

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