We're throwing all kinds of ideas at the wall in hopes of something sticking...LOL!

Yes it's a hot topic all across New York, and here in the Hudson Valley, with only a few weeks left until the school year officially starts has anyone had a conversation about possibly doing outdoor school?

I'm assuming that some folks, that are way smarter than me have had the conversation, and it must not be possible because most schools in the Valley have announced that they are mostly starting the year with remote learning, not with outdoor school.

Before you laugh me away, I think outdoor learning could possibly work. Most schools in the area have the outside space available and if you've ever been to a school "field day" in the springtime, most schools put those things together perfectly and I think if they follow that sort of template, it could work.

We took a bunch of calls and text messages through the Wolf mobile app on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show today and most think it might be able to work including Shawn from Rhinebeck who texted in, "Yes, it's practical. Some local private schools are using that as an option....just add some overhead tent structures and some logs to sit on. Cold? Put a jacket on!!"

I do think that the unpredictable weather that we deal with here in the Valley could be a part of why it's not being given as a option. I think when it gets cold we could use those standing heating tree things to keep the kids warm, no?

What do you guys think? Get your voice on the air NOW through the app.

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