Still waiting for movies to return to theaters across New York State? Allegedly, the movies, like other businesses across New York, will be on a phased reopening. Ok, since that is taking forever, what else can we do instead?

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  1. Take to one of the many Drive-In theaters located here in the Hudson Valley region. There are also many "pop-up" drive-in locations in local towns.
  2. Take a bicycle ride. A 'good' ride should take you about 2-hours which is the average run time for most big budget movies. You can even download movie soundtracks to listen to while you pedal.
  3. Read a book (or five) that eventually made its way to the big screen and then discuss the differences between the book and the film.
  4. Check out a new to you restaurant or cafe. The average time for a meal (and adult beverage) is about two-hours, again the average runtime for a big budget movie.
  5. Rake leaves. Yes, it is nearly the end of August, but look around. The leaves are starting to fall, and will only continue to do so as temperatures begin to drop.

When will we be able to head back to the movie theaters and take in a favorite pass time? No one knows for sure. Here are things that movie theater owners across the United States say that they will be doing when finally allowed to re-open.

What changes do you think that you will see immediately, other than being required to wear a mask or face covering? No free popcorn refills? Sitting with empty seats between you and other patrons?

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