A 5-year-old was sent to the hospital after she was attacked by a potentially rabid coyote at a Hudson Valley park.

On Sunday around 4 p.m., Kasey King-Petrellese took her daughter to James M. Carroll Park in Thornwood. Shortly after, the girl was attacked and bitten by a coyote, NBC reports.

King-Petrellese tried to wrestle away the animal, but the coyote kept attacking her 5-year-old until an off-duty officer pulled the animal away.

“I just mounted it and I had my hands around its neck,” Irvington police officer Arcangelo Liberatore told NBC. “I just sat and tried to squeeze the life out of it, but it was pretty resilient.”

Liberatore sat on the animal until police arrived. Police later shot the animal.

The girl, her mom and the off-duty cop were all given rabies shots. The child also needed stitches.

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