Best Buy announced that they would be closing 250 stores across the country.

The closure will only affect the Best Buy mobile locations inside the Poughkeepsie Galleria and the Galleria at Crystal Run. All of the big box Best Buy stores in the Hudson Valley will remain open, and will still offer mobile phone sales.

UPI reports that Best Buy has decided to close all 250 of their mobile-only locations, which means two more local mall vacancies. Sadly, there have been numerous stores leaving the local malls over recent months including CEX, which just closed their doors in Poughkeepsie.

Best Buy says that they are unsure how many workers the closings will affect, but employees will reportedly be given an opportunity to apply for work at the big box locations, which will now be expanding their mobile phone inventories.

Best Buy CEO, Hubert Joly said in a letter

Hundreds of our Big Box stores received Mobile 2020 redesigns last year, with nearly 200 more this year; and, our In-Home Advisors now enable us to sell products and services in-home, nearly all of which can be powered by a smartphone.

What do you think about Best Buy closing their mobile-only locations? Will this affect your shopping habits?

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