A large Amtrak sign was not a hit with residents and officials in the Rhinebeck, NY area.

All aboard America... all aboard Amtrak! The jingle used to play on the Amtrak commercial back in the 1980s sung by Richie Havens. I remember the commercial as a kid growing up. I also remember taking an Amtrak train with the family across the country from New York to California, visiting family for Thanksgiving in 1987. It was a 3-day trip on that train, and it was a memorable experience seeing so much of the country including going through the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

A posting on the Rhinebeck Community Forum Facebook page recently alerted us to the controversy surrounding an Amtrak sign that was recently installed in the Rhinebeck, NY area, near the Rhinecliff Station.

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The Daily Catch explained the story and what the reasoning was behind the removal of the sign. After complaints from passengers about the large, shiny blue and gray sign at the entrance of the Rhinecliff  Station being "out of character with the town and not belonging in Rhinebeck." After action by the Town Supervisor, the sign was removed.

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The new sign, which stood at 7 feet tall with bright blue letters that read "Rhinecliff Station" was installed back in mid-April. The consensus from most was that the sign was entirely too big, and unnecessary. People were also wondering who signed off on it, as the town's zoning code reportedly prohibits signs taller than 6 feet.

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