The world's"'#1 Fitness Franchise In The World" has purchased a Hudson Valley business.

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On Tuesday, Self Esteem Brands (SEB) purchased Stronger U, a digital, personalized nutrition-based health coaching services brand based out of Newburgh. Details of the sale were not released.

Newburgh Free Academy graduate Mike Doehla started his business out of his Newburgh home in April of 2015. Quickly, Stronger U morphed into a multi-million dollar nutrition business helping people in the Hudson Valley and around the globe achieve their fitness goals. Stronger U has helped over 50,000 members, across 35 countries, reach their nutrition, health and wellness goals.

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"Why did I choose Self Esteem Brands? People around the world need to know what Stronger U can do for their quality of life, and with the help of SEB, we’ll finally have that opportunity. They have nearly 5 million members in their brand portfolio and a team of people who have the expertise we need," Stronger U Nutrition CEO and Founder Mike Doehla said about the sale. "After many conversations, the stars aligned, and we realized we could make a much larger impact if we did it together."

The Stronger U Nutrition diet is macronutrient-based. After speaking with a coach the client is given macronutrient goals to reach on a daily basis, which allows for a structured yet flexible diet.

“Everyone who has followed the program has been thrilled with the changes they have seen in body composition, performance, how they feel moving through everyday life and most importantly, self-confidence,” Doehla told Hudson Valley Post in 2017.

Stronger U is the only service in the highly competitive virtual health and nutrition space that combines digital access with live, certified coaches, the science of nutrition and personalized plans to help improve a member’s dietary and eating skills, according to SEB.

With over 5 million members, across all seven continents across, SEB's global footprint is expected to introduce Stronger U to more consumers worldwide and a greater share of the digitally based nutrition health coaching market.

"SEB and Stronger U are now both positioned to deliver the best nutrition service on the planet," Stronger U Chief Operations Officer Michael Alessi, also from Newburgh, said. "We’re different and will continue to innovate and show the world just how painless and tasty nutrition can be. It's worth the effort, you just have to start."

Self Esteem Brands is the parent company of Anytime Fitness, The Bar Method, Basecamp Fitness and Waxing the City. The acquisition makes SEB the only global fitness corporation to directly invest in and offer consumers personalized nutrition-based health coaching services, officials say.

In 2020, for the seventh year in a row, Anytime Fitness was named the “World’s Fastest-Growing Fitness Club,” according to The International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association.

Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest fitness franchise, was also ranked number 1 on Entrepreneur’s prestigious Top Global Franchise list.

In 2016, Club Business International magazine ranked Anytime Fitness as the “#1 Fitness Franchise in the World.”

In the Hudson Valley, Anytime Fitness has locations in Walden, Cornwall, Somers, Bedford Hills, Pleasantville, Warwick, Ossining and Elmsford.

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