Many New York State were shocked to learn their TVs or streaming devices suddenly stopped working.

Many Empire State residents, like myself, have cut the cord. I honestly wish I cut the cord sooner.

TVs, Streaming Devices Are Getting Disabled In New York State


With cable prices continuing to skyrocket people are figuring out new ways to stream content. One of those ways is with a Roku device.

Roku offers "instant streamification," according to the company's website.

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"Lighting-fast and outrageously powerful," Roku states about its streaming service. "Stream anything in a snap with our ultimate Roku player."

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However, Roku is disabling some devices.

Why Roku Is Disabling Devices, TVs

This meant, many users turned on their TVs this week to find out their devices weren't working.

The reason, Roku is disabling streaming devices and TV until users review and consent to new terms. Users must agree to revised dispute resolution terms before accessing their devices.

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The day before devices were disabled the company sent out an email warning that devices wouldn't work until you consent to new dispute resolution terms. I know I get so many junk emails each day that I often don't see important emails, like one from Roku, in a timely fashion.


"Like many companies, Roku updates its terms of service from time to time. When we do, we take steps to make sure customers are informed of the change," Roku said in a statement to Cnet. 

In order to access your streaming device you must consent that you don't sue or take part in any lawsuits brought against Roku, Tech Crunch reports.

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How To Opt Out Of New Terms

There is a way to opt out of the new terms. But of course, it's not nearly as easy as opting in.

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The opt-out you need to mail a letter to Roku and include the name of the customer or customers opting out as well as your contact information and products or services used.


You can mail your letter to:

  • General Counsel, Roku Inc.
  • 1701 Junction Court, Suite 100,
  • San Jose, CA 95112

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