A river that runs through New York State and is a drinking source for millions is one of the most polluted in the United States.

A new report offers grim news to New York State residents.

Most Polluted Rivers In the United States


The website EcoCation highlighted the Most Polluted Rivers in the US for 2024.

"Mercury and toxic chemicals pollute rivers in nearly every state," EcoCation states.

According to the EPA, nearly 30 percent of all rivers, lakes and reservoirs are badly polluted.

Delaware River In New York State Among Most Polluted In United States






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Locations In New York State

According to the New York State DEC, the Delaware River can be found around 2,390 square miles of land within New York State.


The river can be found in most or parts of the following counties:

Sullivan County

Orange County

Ulster County

Greene County

Broome Counties

Delaware County

Schoharie County

Chenango County

Delaware River Provides Drinking Water to Millions

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What's concerning is that about 15 million people, around 5 percent of the nation's population, rely on the Delaware River Basin for their drinking water, the Delaware Riverkeeper reports.


"The Delaware River Basin provides water to two major U.S. cities: Philadelphia, Pa. and New York City. All of Philadelphia's water comes from the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, and roughly 50% of the water supply for New York City comes from the Delaware River Basin, even though NYC is not in the DRB," New Jersey government officials state about the river.

American Rivers reports over 17 million people actually get their drinking water from the Delaware River basin

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