There a great reason, and a way for you to help.

The Salvation Army in Poughkeepise has come up with a sort of unique way to try and help keep people warm in Poughkeepsie throughout the colder months.

What they've done is they've started to attach scarves and hats to random lamp posts around the city of Poughkeepsie. The items are free for anyone that might need one to stay warm this winter.

Major Ana Guzman from The Salvation Army in Poughkeepsie told us through email that the hats and scarfs on poles is a project that she thought would work well in our area. She said, "This idea is not ours, that project has been done in some towns around the nation so I saw it fit to do it in our area.

The items were mostly donated by The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Poughkeepsie, as well as some of their church members. Guzman said, "These gifts are intended for anyone in the community, they are not directed at any particular demographic."

She also told us that they are getting extremely low on supplies, and would like to continue this project and is asking the public for help. If you have any scarves, hats or gloves you'd like to donate, you can drop them off at the Salvation Army office at 19 Pershing Avenue in Poughkeepsie or you can call them at 845-471-1210 for more information.

Scarf & Hat Poles All Over Poughkeepsie

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