A New York woman got quite the surprise when she learned a stranger spent the night in her car.

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Chulani Sterling of the Bronx has gone viral after a sleeping stranger left a thank you note in her car.

"Thank you for letting me sleep in your car for the night. Lock your door next time," the note read.

Whoever spent the night in Sterling's car didn't steal anything, though everything from her glove compartment was spread around her car.

Sterling told NBC she thought she locked her car.

"I could've swore my car was locked because I pressed the button three times until it goes beep," she told NBC. "I could've swore it was locked but obviously I didn't because they were in there."

This incident is a reminder for Hudson Valley residents to lock their car doors. Recently, police across the Hudson Valley have reported on an uptick in vehicle break-ins, with most happening to cars that were left unlocked.

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