Think that something is too good to be true? How about spending 5 nights at a resort where you get paid to sleep every night in a different sleep environment each night. At first, when I heard this, I said WHAT? This is awesome, tell me more.

Turns out there is a sleep study that will pay you to sleep for 5 nights at a resort. Each night they will subtly change the sleep environment to see if you have a better nights rest.

Here is what the company has to say about what you can expect:

we will send you to a new sleep environment every night. In each of those environments, we will carefully adjust several environmental factors that we think might improve your sleep quality. You can expect different settings in each place. Not to worry though, these settings will in no way harm your physical and mental health.


So, if this company were based here in the Hudson Valley, which resorts could they possibly send you to? Do you have a favorite? Here are just a couple that could be nice enough to give anyone a great nights sleep, in no particular order from

  • Mirabeau Inn & Spa, Rhinebeck
  • Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa, Milton
  • Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz
  • Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland
  • Hudson Valley Resort & Spa
  • Minnewaska Lodge, Gardiner

If you knew you would be paid $2000 for a sleep study, tell us which resort you would like to go to so you could get started on the study? Tough choice, right?

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