Here's how to properly navigate single and two-lane traffic circles in the Hudson Valley. 

Traffic circles in general can be difficult for people to navigate. I for one, am not a fan of these roundabouts, however, it is proven that they ease traffic congestion and according to personal injury lawyers Mainetti & Mainetti, reduce accidents.

There has been a history of serious car accidents with intersections, also causing confusion and backups that are often targeted by planners and engineers for a roundabout design.

Roundabouts in the Hudson Valley

In addition to the popular Kingston Thruway Traffic Circle, which many commuters consider a nightmare to navigate with it being a two-lane roundabout, there are many roundabouts throughout the Hudson Valley including Middletown, Wappingers, Poughkeepsie, Lagrangeville, Harriman, Wallkill, and Hudson with more being proposed regularly.

For those wanting to know how to navigate the complicated two-lane roundabouts like the Kingston Thruway Traffic Circle, the New York State Bridge Authority has posted a diagram.

One should watch and stop for pedestrians, look and yield for vehicles inside the roundabout, and signal to exit the roundabout.

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If you're looking to navigate the coming single-lane roundabout, the New York State Bridge Authority has also posted a diagram to make navigation easier.

If you are in the roundabout, you have the right of way. If you are entering the roundabout, you must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and vehicles already in the roundabout. Signal to exit the roundabout.

There ya go, hopefully, that will help you in your travels next time you enter the always intimidating roundabout in the area.

The Best Hudson Valley Traffic Circles

A traffic circle is a great way to direct traffic. Gone are the red lights. Instead there is a yield sign and traffic moving in unison. I have always been a fan of the traffic circle as appose to a light and intersection. I will admit though for people who aren't use to driving in them they can be pretty intimidating. You have to think of them as a revolving door for cars. Of course I know a lot of people who can't navigate a revolving door. Here are few traffic circles that I enjoy using in the Hudson Valley.

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