Owners and customers at a "world-famous" upstate New York bar were shocked when Jimmy Fallon stopped in and even more surprised with what he did next!

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Jimmy Fallon was spotted at Iron Smoke Distillery in Fairport, about nine miles from Rochester.

"Big whiskey up and thanks to Jimmy Fallon and posse for the singalongs, laughs, and kindness they shared with us here at Iron Smoke over the weekend. Had an absolute blast," Iron Smoke Distillery wrote on Facebook.

Fallon, who's originally from the Hudson Valley, was visiting a close friend, Damien Mulconry, who lives in Fairport, according to Syracuse.com.

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Iron Smoke Distillery was founded in 2011. The distillery produces Iron Smoke Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Iron Smoke CASKet Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Rattlesnake Rosie’s Apple Pie Whiskey, and Rattlesnake Rosie's Maple Bacon Whiskey, according to the distillery's Facebook.

"In 2018, we established our World Famous Watering Hole and Sideshow with a live event space and fully licensed bar on site," Iron Smoke Distillery writes on Facebook.

There was no live music when Fallon, from Saugerties, stopped by the distillery. So “The Tonight Show” host joined Iron Smoke Distillery co-owner Tommy Brunett and shocked customers with a musical performance.

Fallon rocked out to a number of songs including Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” Van Morrison’s “Gloria" and sang “Happy Birthday” to one of the bartenders, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports.

Check out Fallon belting out "Gloria" below:

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