Officials are "heartbroken" after a viral video shows a bucket of cold water being poured on a sleeping homeless man in the Hudson Valley.

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Video posted to social media on Monday shows a man pouring a bucket of cold water on a person sleeping on the sidewalk on Dubious Street in Newburgh.

The soaking wet man then cried "oh man, I have no clothes."

City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey said the sleeping person appears to be part of the homeless population in Newburgh.

"Heinous and deplorable acts such as this are unjustifiable," Harvey said in a statement. "Our city staff and elected officials are heartbroken. Individuals who do not have safe places to shelter are most vulnerable and deserve our protection and care. Throughout these unprecedented times, acts of hatred and violence are unacceptable. Any lack of adherence to rules and regulations won't be tolerated."

Before the man poured the bucket of water over the sleeping man, the man recording the incident said they warned the person to not sleep in front of the home.

"I asked you not to," a man is heard saying after the water was poured. "Right!? I told you don't do it. Right!?"

Video of the incident can be seen below: Warning, the video contains graphic language.

The Facebook group the Other Side of Humanity is hoping to find the man to "show him the other side of humanity."

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