A violent Hudson Valley sex offender who was accused of kidnapping and raping strangers is now living blocks away from an elementary school and two parks.

On Facebook, City of Middletown police warned the public that 56-year-old Wayne Booker moved to a home on Kennedy Terrace in Middletown.

In 1990, Booker, a Level 3 sex offender, was convicted on two counts of rape, according to the New York State sex offenders database. He was sentenced to six to 12 years in prison. He was accused of kidnapping and raping strangers.

According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Booker’s previous convictions include two more counts of rape, two counts of attempted rape and criminal sexual act. All the victims were strangers, officials say.

He’s labeled as a “Sexually Violent Offender” on the New York State sex offenders database.

According to Google Maps, Booker’s new home is less than a mile from Presidential Park Elementary School, Watts Memorial Park and Keystone Park.

Level 3 sex offenders are considered to have the highest risk of a repeat offense and are considered the greatest risk to the public.

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