Criminals are stealing your mail to steal your confidential information.

The United States Postal Service continues to warn about dropping off mail in those big blue boxes on certain days and times.

Criminals Stealing Mail To Steal Your Identity

Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan/ Canva
Getty Images/ Justin Sullivan/ Canva

Every week there seems to be another scam regarding identity theft. New Yorkers go through great lengths to make sure they aren't scammed, but this latest scam is almost out of your control.

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According to the USPS, criminals steal mail directly from those big blue mailboxes. Criminals then open up the mail and steal whatever valuable information they can.

USPS: Don’t use blue drop boxes on Sundays, holidays, after last collection

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The USPS says the big blue mailboxes are being targeted on Sundays and holidays when more mail is in those boxes for longer periods of time.

"The biggest variable enticing these criminals to steal are customers depositing mail into blue collection boxes after the last collection of the day or during Sundays and federal holidays," Postal officials stated in a press release.

What To Do

Busiest Day for U.S. Postal Service
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The USPS has a simple solution. Don't put mail into those boxes on Sundays or federal holidays.

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"If customers simply used retail service or inside wall drop slots to send their U.S. Mail, instead of depositing it to sit outside overnight or through the weekend, blue collection boxes would not be as enticing after business hours to mail thieves for identity theft and check-washing schemes,” USPS added in its release.

Mail Theft Also Happens on Weeknights

It's also advised to avoid dropping off your mail each night, after the last pickup time.

"Never deposit mail after the last dispatch time. Each box has dispatch times printed on a label, and it will point you to the location for the latest pickup time in your area. Avoid depositing mail during the night, Sundays, and federal holidays," officials add.

Reward For Mail Thieves

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Anyone who sees a mail thief in the act can contact the USPS for reward of up to $50,000.

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"The Postal Service’s reward on mail thieves, robbery of an on-duty postal employee carries a reward of up to $50,000. Tips can be made anonymously via 877-876-2455, or," the USPS states.

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