The pilot of the plane that crashed in Dutchess County was a teenager.

State Police announced that 17-year-old Christopher Maloney of Cohoes was flying the plane that crashed at the Sky Acres Airport in the Town of Union Vale.

Maloney was coming in for a landing at the airport Sunday afternoon, when the plane ran off the runway and flipped over into a pond, police say.

Three other people were in the single engine fixed wing Cessna Skyhawk, one person was injured.

Louis Farcot-Lanfond, 16, from Paris, Fance, a rear-side passenger, was taken to Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital and released after he was treated for a minor head injury.

Michael Maloney, 52, from Cohoes, a front-seat passenger, and 52-year-old Lynne Maloney of Cohoes, who was sitting directly behind Christopher Maloney, both weren’t injured.

The Federal Aviation Administration was notified of the investigation.

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