A plane crash during severe weather just outside the Hudson Valley killed all on board.

On Monday, Hudson Valley Post reported on a plane crash in Delaware County. Late Monday, New York State Police confirmed all the passengers on board had passed away.

Plane Crash In Delaware County, New York

New York State Police were told about a possible plane crash near Lake Cecil Road in the town of Masonville on Sunday around 2 p.m.

Multiple people called 911 reporting a plane in distress that appeared to be going down.

The small plane was carrying at least five people. It left from Albert S. Nader Regional Airport in Oneonta, New York.

5 Members From Same Family Killed In Plane Crash


Many agencies searched the area for the missing plane, using drones, ATVs and helicopters.

At first, debris was found and eventually, first responders located the downed aircraft.

"The aircraft, a Piper Malibu Mirage was located with the following passengers who unfortunately did not survive the crash," New York State Police stated in a press release.

Names Made Public

Laura Van Epps/FB
Laura Van Epps/FB

The names of the five people who tragically lost their lives in a plane crash were made public.

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They were identified as 76-year-old Roger Beggs, 43-year-old Laura Van Epps, 43-year-old Ryan Van Epps, 12-year-old James Van Epps, and 10-year-old Harrison Von Epps.

Family Killed In Crash After Baseball Tournament In Cooperstown, New York.

Police confirmed all five are family members from the state of Georgia. The family spent the weekend in Cooperstown, New York for a baseball tournament.

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Laura Van Epps/FB
Laura Van Epps/FB

The plane departed from Alfred S. Nader Regional Airport in Oneonta and was traveling to West Virginia to refuel with its ultimate destination Cobb County International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, police say.

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The cause of the crash hasn't been identified. An unconfirmed tornado touched down in Delaware County just before the fatal plane crash. The potential twister killed one person.

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