Lasagna has been called a "near-perfect food." One New York State eatery's lasagna is so popular that "everyone who tries it says it’s to die for."

Love Food recently released its list for the best lasagna in each state.

The food website believes lasagna is a "near-perfect food."

"With its layers of pasta, rich meat sauce and bubbling cheese, lasagna is a near-perfect food – and nothing beats one that's made for you. These lasagnas, from the Neapolitan to the northern Italian, are exemplary of how the dish should be prepared," Love Food states.

Best Lasagna In New York State

B Welbs
B Welbs

New York State is home to the largest Italian-American population in the United States. So, Love Food recognizes choosing one restaurant that makes the best lasagna in the New York State is a tough task.

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But the website selected a lasagna that's "to die for." So what is it? Find out below:

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La Lanterna di Vittorio, New York City


La Lanterna di Vittorio located at 129 MacDougal Street in New York City makes the best lasagna in New York State, according to Love Food.

La Lanterna di Vittorio's Lasagna al Pesto was named the best in New York State

"Its Lasagna al Pesto (is) an incredibly rich plate of basil pesto, béchamel and Parmesan layered between sheets of homemade, fresh pasta. Everyone who tries it says it’s to die for," Love Food states.


Carlo "Vittorio" Antonini, an avid sailor and sportsman with a passion for food and drink, opened up the Greenwich village cafe in 1977. Antonini and his wife Marisa immigrated from Liguria, Italy in the 1960s, according to the eatery's website.

The restaurant's "Lasagna Al Pesto" is "homemade pasta layered with pesto sauce, bechamel & parmigiano cheese," according to the menu.

The menu features nine different variations of lasagna, including, of course, their "Lasagna Al Pesto."

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With so many delicious options, it's so hard to choose. Lasagna is popular the restaurant recently started offering a lasagna flight.

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