New York State Police explained why more Troopers and volunteers have been patrolling the New York State Thruway.

New York State Police confirmed troopers from Troop T and citizen volunteers were out in full force around Halloween.

State Police Troop T and citizen volunteers conduct annual “Pumpkin Patrol” Halloween safety effort.

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State Police and volunteers teamed up for the 47th Pumpkin Patrol which is aimed at preventing Halloween pranks and protecting drivers along the New York State Thruway on October 30 and 31.

"This year, approximately 200 volunteers from numerous organizations spanning across 20 counties in New York State will join in the Pumpkin Patrol safety initiative. Volunteers assisting Troop T will monitor Thruway overpasses to help minimize potential hazards to motorists and report any unusual activity to State Police or local law enforcement," New York State Police stated in a press release.

As part of the Pumpkin Patrol, Troopers were also patrolling for intoxicated drivers, move over law violators.


Police continued to enforce of speeding vehicles, seat belt and cell phone violators.

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Pumpkin Patrol Started In 1976

The Pumpkin Patrol started as a volunteer effort in 1976 by Katherine St. Jacques in Fort Johnson, Montgomery County.

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"Ms. St. Jacques was talking to a truck driver on her citizen’s band radio when the windshield of his vehicle was struck by an object thrown from an overpass. The driver sustained injuries from the broken glass. St. Jacques and two companions decided to stand watch on the three overpasses that crossed the Thruway in the Fort Johnson area," police stated.

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