After over 300 drivers received warnings in the mail, police from the Hudson Valley are alerting drivers the warning period is over and you will be fined.

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office reminded all drivers that the warning period for Bus Patrol violations ended on April 28.

The Warning Period for Bus Patrol Violations Ends in Putnam County, New York


Cameras have been installed on buses across the county to catch drivers who pass a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing.

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The Brewster, Carmel, and Mahopac school districts are participating in this program and already have most of their buses outfitted with camera systems, officials say.

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The program started on April 1 and within about 20 days over 300 warning notices were issued.

Major Fines For Passing School Buses In Putnam County

Now, any driver who is caught on camera passing a stopped school bus with the red lights flashing will receive a fine in the mail.


The fine for the first offense is $250 and increases for subsequent violations, officials warn.

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"The safety of our children is of the utmost importance, and drivers are reminded that they should begin to slow down as they approach a school bus with the yellow lights flashing in anticipation of the bus stopping and children either entering or exiting the bus," Sheriff Kevin McConville stated

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