An alleged impaired man is accused of leaving two kids inside a car that was around 100 degrees while he shopped at Walmart.

New York State Police were called around 3 p.m., about children locked inside a hot vehicle and "screaming" at the Walmart parking lot located on State Highway 23 in the town of Oneonta.

Man Arrested After Leaving Two Children in Car At Walmart In Town Of Oneonta, New York

Walmart store exterior

The arriving officer says she found two children inside a locked car "exhibiting signs of distress from the heat."

The outside temperature at the time was 99 degrees, police say.

"Concerned witnesses told the Trooper they called 911 after they saw the children inside the vehicle crying and screaming and noticed that the windows were up," New York State Police stated in a press release. "The good Samaritans were giving the children water and were putting cool towels on them when the Trooper arrived on the scene."


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The trooper removed a 2-year-old girl from her car seat in the back seat and a 5-year-old girl from a booster seat out in the front passenger seat.

The children were taken to A.O Fox Hospital to be checked out.

Mount Upon, New York Man Arrested At Walmart


Police allege 39-year-old Kurtis D. Carpel of Mount Upon is responsible for leaving the young children inside the hot car.

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He was found inside Walmart with a 5-year-old boy. Police believe he was inside Walmart for at least 15 minutes before first responders arrived.

Police also allege he was impaired at the time.

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Carpel was charged with two counts of the class "D" felony of Reckless Endangerment and charged with three counts of the class "E" felony of Leandra’s Law - Aggravated Driving While Impaired with Child as Passenger after an investigation revealed that he was impaired, police say.

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